Easy-to-use analytics to increase your practice’s productivity and profitability

Seamlessly integrated with OCA Aspire, industry leading Tableau provides advanced data insights and key performance indicators at a glance. Your data is visualized in Tableau to give you a better picture of your clinic’s activities and outcomes.
The data you need to make smart business decisions

  • Make informed business decisions with interactive dashboards that include visualizations on revenue, performance and more.
  • Grow your business by analyzing your clinic’s scheduling fluctuations or most and least requested services.
  • Plan for seasonality by comparing performance on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Find the patterns by analyzing trends in no-shows, cancellations, returning patients and new ones.
  • Understand how patient demographics effect your revenue and growth by tracking age, gender and other factors.
Data and analytics to elevate your patient care

  • Understand and improve clinician performance by filtering clinical outcomes by practitioner or diagnosis.
  • Improve your patient care by tracking patients’ progress and experiences.
  • Track your clinical progress by comparing major Key Performance Indicators such as chief complaints and Diagnoses Resolved.
  • Ensure your treatment plans are effective by checking trends in improvements over visits.
  • An easy-to-use interface with powerful visualizations
    • Easily see your most important information like revenue, appointments and clinical outcome at a glance.
    • Collect insights on your clinic’s performance with powerful yet easy-to-interpret visualizations.
    • Stay in the know by accessing real time data and filtering information based on your needs.
    • Get a holistic picture of your business by easily changing views from clinic to service, practitioner or patient.

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    “I find OCA Aspire is a user friendly interface, limited only by your imagination. It’s easy to use, provides quality notes for archiving and requires no additional office equipment.

    Its future amalgamation with a billing platform makes this a totally comprehensive package, produced by the profession, for the profession. Highly recommended.”

    – Dr. Brooksbank

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