Electronic Health Records with built-in templates for all

Spend less time documenting and more time with your patients with EHR having intuitive AI and built-in templates specific to your practice needs.

Quick and effortless charting
  • Efficient SOAP notes taking with built-in templates
  • Clinical evidence recording with built-in tests for each anatomical region.
  • Notetaking through:
    i) Voice Dictation
    ii) Quick shortcuts
    iii) Interactive MSK diagrams
    iv) prepopulated sections based on intake forms
    v) Your former notes.
  • Interactive prompts for incomplete notes, obtaining consent, and more.
  • Auto transfer of all required info to the next visit.
Smart Case Management and Patient Profiles

  • Simplify practitioner collaborations at multidisciplinary clinics. Track and monitor patients’ progress to optimize treatment plans.
  • Organize & categorize files based on injury, complaint, and more.
  • Never miss a detail with a cumulative patient profile.
  • Unlimited storage and searching of electronic patient files.
  • Side Scheduler – For easy access to recent files and upcoming appointments.
Patient's experience at its core
  • Spend less time documenting and more on providing exceptional care.
  • Visual referencing for patients with interactive anatomical diagrams.
  • Comprehensive and accessible notes that can be shared among practitioners.
Data-Driven patient care

  • Patient progress tracking to optimize treatment plans.
  • Care quality and efficacy measurement with ICD-10 Libraries.
  • Never lose track of patient progress with our customizable Visit Counter.
Flexible charting that adapts to your style

  • Maintain existing charting style with customizing templates.
  • Text templates to customize your notes.
  • Empowered colleagues through their own preferred templates.