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An excellent self-help video library for fast solutions and easy learning of your new EHR and Practice Management software.

How to (User) Videos

Billing Basics

This video will help you use the most common form of billing and collecting payments through invoices.

The first in a series of advanced billing videos. This will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of billing and FreshBooks

A four part series that details the different analytics that are included in OCA Aspire

This video series highlights OCA Aspire’s assessment tools, including digital case management, chief complaints, tests and more

The Dashboard and Side Scheduler enables you to quickly see your upcoming, tasks, notes and appointments.

You can adjust your default treatments and text templates so you can save time selecting a pathway that is most used by your clinic.

The documents section enables you to add PDFs of your patient files. This includes x-rays, charts and other relevant files.

OCA Aspire’s eForms hosts a number of standard forms and offers you the ability to populate information from your patient files.

Messages are one of two ways you can communicate within your clinic. This enables you to connect with your staff even if you’re mid-appointment.

With OCA Aspire, you can customize your online booking so that it matches your branding. Additionally, you can add a Google Map for your patient’s convenience.

This is the first in a series of videos focusing on the scheduling page. This page functions as a hub for your administrative staff

OCA Aspire includes the only electronic health record especially designed for manual therapists. Our SOAPs include interactive diagrams that you can use to explain diagnoses to your patients.

The second of two ways to communicate within your clinic. Tasks enables you to ask for assistance or add things to your digital to-do list.

This video details the admin section of OCA Aspire

This quick tutorial highlights the two view modes (compact and full) that can be used in OCA Aspire.