Powerful billing and payment tool for no extra cost

Manage your finances for free with integrated billing, accounting, and reporting  Рpowered by FreshBooks.

An easy-to-use accounting tool

  • Save on bookkeeping costs by automatically recording your sales and receivables.
  • Track your cash flow with automated bank reconciliations.
  • Track owes and payment due dates by adding invoices to accounts payable.
  • Import expenses from your bank accounts or credit cards.
Billing made easy
  • One-click invoicing, right from the schedule page.
  • Link appointments to billing codes to auto-assign fees.
  • Automatically apply pre-set discounts and taxes.
  • Add searchable products and services to an invoice.
  • Auto-emails invoices to patients.
  • Customizable invoices with clinic branding.
A convenient payment process for all

  • Secure payments with in-clinic and online options.
  • Empower patients to pay multiple invoices in one transaction.
  • Automatic reminders and online payment links.
Financial reports at your fingertips

  • Customizable reports to track & analyze your expenses, revenue, and receivables.
  • Track inventory, manage taxes, and more, all in one place.
  • Access and manage Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements.